Quality vs. Quantity

Greetings and Welcome,

My name is Rod Kelly, and I run wecarewp.com.

My background consists of 30+ years in the technology industry, both
managing and developing different work environments; most of them
focused on infrastructure design.

In virtually every project I have worked on, and still today, the
goal has been identical, make our technology work in a smooth and
efficient manner so that everyone in the company can do the same. A
WordPress environment is no different.

I enjoy the service business model, and I enjoy designing and making
everything work or at least trying to. However, because of those
years mentioned above, I have acquired a great deal of business mileage, which
translates into this; quality is far more important than quantity.
Why? Because you lose the level of quality, you started out trying to
achieve at the beginning.

Volume is not satisfying. It doesn’t fit me in terms of how I want
to work and what I want to achieve. My model is about
providing quality service, solutions, ideas for everyone I work with.

I dedicate an abundance of personal time researching and testing new
technology so that when I propose something to you; I know it will
work for your needs.

If this model fits what you want from a service company, then choose
a plan that fits you and let’s move forward and work together. I
look forward to working with you.

Thank you.

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