A Guide to DNS for WordPress


DNS can be a headache. It’s one of those aspects of website management that can either be a breeze or take days to sort out. I should know – I recently spent a week trying to transfer a domain name, which eventually involved failed redirects, htaccess editing and the site going down! Luckily it’s fixed The Ultimate Guide to DNS for WordPress

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iThemes Was Purchased


Liquid Web, a managed hosting service founded in 1997, has acquired iThemes. iThemes recently celebrated its 10th year in business. PostStatus reports that it was an all cash deal and sources confirmed to the Tavern that it was a multi-million dollar acquisition. iThemes will continue to operate as an independent (more Liquid Web Acquires iThemes in Multi-Million Dollar Deal

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Don’t have a Meltdown it’s an easy fix


By now, most people have heard about Meltdown and Spectre, the nicknames for security flaws that make computers and other devices dating back to 1995 vulnerable to attacks. But they may not know what do about it. Google’s Project Zero team clued the public in on these holes this week and since then, Apple, Microsoft and others have chimed in that their software needs to be updated with available patches. “Patch as soon as you can and not just your computer. These vulnerabilities can affect phones and devices like routers at home,” advised Ryan Sommers, manager of threat research for cybersecurity firm LogRhythm in Boulder. “You wouldn’t necessarily know that you’ve been attacked just because your computer slows down, but after your bank account is drained.” The bugs take advantage of processors from Intel Corp., AMD and ARM that handle millions of instructions per second. Don’t have a Meltdown with bad new bug, just patch devices, advise local cybersecurity experts

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Backdoor in Captcha Plugin Affects 300K WordPress Sites


The WordPress repository recently removed the plugin Captcha over what initially appeared to be a trademark issue with the current author using “WordPress” in their brand name. Whenever the WordPress repository removes a plugin with a large user base, we check to see if it was possibly due to something security-related. Wordfence alerts users when Backdoor in Captcha Plugin Affects 300K WordPress Sites

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The Corporate Board’s or NON Role When It Comes to Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is a business risk and therefore a board issue, experts say. But cybersecurity oversight can be a challenge for directors, many of whom may not fully understand the issue. Pete Chronis, chief information security officer at Time Warner’s Turner division, and Myrna Soto, the global chief information security officer at Comcast Corp., sat down with Wall Street Journal Business Editor Jamie Heller to discuss the board’s role in cybersecurity. The Corporate Board’s Role When It Comes to Cybersecurity

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