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We Have Your Back

As of current there are at least 75 tasks to run on a WordPress site. All are essential. Some are repetitive. Many are based on security conditions. Your task list increases exponentially if you maintain an e-commerce store. Add to that list growing traffic, everyday marketing tasks, discussions with potential customers, tacking on new content. This leaves you with zero time in your schedule to focus on your larger targets. WecareWP is designed to manage the infrastructure of your website so you can concentrate on those goals and scale your business. In other words, we're here to cover your ass.

WordPress Security

Believe it or not, you are a target. “But I haven’t been attacked yet” The keyword is “yet” and that is where most site owners fail, believing that it won’t happen to them. More than 70% of attacks target small businesses, and as much as 60% of those successfully attacked, are out of business after six months.

Our core objective is to pay close attention to everything you can’t

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